Polestar opens its first showroom in New Zealand

Polestar arriving in New Zealand is an example of how CS&R Project Management can help clients establish new and strong brand presence. The focus for this project was to deliver a high level of finish to the showroom within tight deadlines. CS&R ensured excellence by managing the multi-functional team to delivery. Polestar is a new brand to New Zealand and this was the first time a Polestar showroom has been delivered outside of the company delivery process and team. Polestar, and the project team, are delighted with the end result.

Polestar has opened its first showroom – sorry, Space – in Newmarket, Auckland. We went down and had a poke around the new Space, which is a very minimal showroom befitting the Polestar vehicles. There are a few Polestar 2s dotting the floor – one kitted with roof racks, which looked very cool – an area showcasing colours and optional extras, and a back room where customers pick up their new cars to drive away.

“The move to a permanent home couldn’t come at a better time for Polestar, as we are experiencing extremely high demand for Polestar 2,” said Bruce Fowler, Polestar New Zealand’s brand manager.

“We cannot thank Aotearoa enough for giving this all-new brand such a warm welcome. We were confident that Polestar 2 would be favourably received and still, the level of interest and number of people who wanted to drive and own this car is beyond our expectations.

“Our team has doubled in size since launch, and we continue to work hard to meet demands for test drives and enquiries. I would like to thank the enthusiastic consumers for their patience and invite them to visit the new Polestar Space.

“New Zealand has secured a good supply of Polestar 2. We continue to work to overcome the remaining domestic COVID-19 related logistic issues,” continues Bruce Fowler. “Regardless, we have already surpassed our initial sales target for 2022.”

That comes on the back of leading EV registrations for April with the Polestar 2 notching 81 units, beating the Nissan Leaf (71 units) and the Hyundai Kona (70 units).

Polestar says an updated Polestar 2 is due to land in May, which brings more range, power, colours, wheel designs, interior materials and better sustainability credentials. Details on the updates should be here soon, but Polestar says pricing remains unchanged with the Standard range Single motor and Long range Single motor both eligible for the full $8625 Clean Car rebate.

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