Make Good – Assessments and Negotiations

Preparation of all Make Good schedules and assessments for both landlords and tenants, providing specialist advice to assist with the negotiation of settlements or monitoring of works and RICS guidance.

Dilapidations surveys – achieving optimum settlement:

At CS&R we want you to achieve the optimum settlement. Most commercial property leases contain express and implied repair and reinstatement covenants. It is becoming more common for Landlords to serve Tenants with a Schedule of Wants of Repair and Reinstatement requirements towards the end of a Lease.  Some Tenants will complete the required building and reinstatement work, others may leave the property in it’s current state, leaving the Landlord with the task of reinstating the property for re-leasing and recovering the costs of reinstatement from the previous Tenant. Occasionally, this cost recovery results in litigation. There are various commercial and technical arguments that arise in negotiating and achieving an outcome and that can prevent the need for costly Court hearings.

CS&R is made up of a team of Chartered Building Surveyors that have acted for a range of New Zealand Clients – Landlords, Tenants and their legal advisors – on all aspects of reinstatement.

We understand the legal precedent and pitfalls associated with assessment of reinstatement requirements and the negotiation of financial settlements. Acting for either Landlord or Tenant, we have the expertise to achieve the optimal outcome. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Full Building Inspection and Defects Analysis (including services installations & building structure)
  • Costing of repairs and reinstatement
  • Assessment of Lease clauses relating to repair and reinstatement
  • Review of Statutory requirement including Building W.O.F related aspects
  • Analysis of repair and reinstatement versus betterment
  • Assessment of legal precedent and negotiation strategy
  • Compilation of Schedules of Reinstatement / Wants of Repair
  • Review and assessment of Schedules prepared by others
  • Negotiation
  • Expert witness and litigation support