CS&R have qualified and experienced Building Surveyors who can bring their expertise to solving projects which may have run into a seemingly unpassable disagreement between key parties.

Effectively getting a project back on track and maintaining working relationships.

At times a complex construction or remediation project can run into difficulties or conflicts. Some disagreements between Client and Project Manager and Contractor cannot be easily resolved, and often have significant commercial implications for more than one involved party. These can relate to many aspects of the project such as contractual wording, invoicing discrepancies, extensions of time, or disruptions caused by external parties such as local regulatory bodies or neighbours.  This is when the employment of a Chartered Building Surveyor with experience in facilitation can assist with keeping the project up and running and ensuring an optimal resolution for all parties concerned.

CS&R have qualified and experienced Building Surveyors who can combine a solid understanding of the different aspects of a project with good facilitation capability.  They have experience in dealing with conflicts that have caused an impasse within the project to find a workable resolution to get the project back on track. 

The team at CS&R are happy to discuss how they can help clients with Facilitation.