Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Technical Due Diligence:  Surveys for Commercial, Industrial, Hotels, Leisure, Aged Care facilities, Education facilities and retail buildings for investment or occupational purpose and comprehensive technical reports.

Providing essential knowledge to ensure sound commercial investment decisions.

Technical Due Diligence is the process of inspecting, reviewing, analysing and assessing a property on behalf of a potential purchaser.  Most commercial property companies in New Zealand will now request a Technical Due Diligence study by a Chartered Building Surveyor or professional Engineer.

Completed properly, the process will provide the right level of information and background on a property to enable a potential purchaser to make the most well-informed decision on the purchase.  This relies on the quality of inspection, the thoroughness of the inspection and defects analysis and most importantly, the ability of the Surveyor to draft and write a report which provides an effective decision-making tool, rather than too little or too much information.

Commercial Services and Reports (CS&R) provide a unique service to Clients in this area. It is unique because our reports have been developed specifically to suit the New Zealand market, and because we are able to respond quickly to fit within a Client’s due diligence and vendor’s settlement timetable.

Our services (including sub-consultants) include:

  • Full building inspection (exterior, interior, fabric & structure) and defects analysis
  • Full inspection of all services installations, fire protection and defects analysis (if required)
  • Energy audit & sustainability commentary
  • Structural IEP & Seismic assessment (if required)
  • Assessment of the property against all Statutory requirements
  • Assessment against Local Authority and Building Act requirements
  • Review of ground conditions / environmental / planning matters
  • Schedules of wants of repair and costings to assist with purchase negotiations
  • A recommendation on whether to purchase and implications
  • Forward maintenance schedule and costings
  • Advice & costings on potential fit out arrangements / potential for expansion

We can scale our services and cost to meet budget and risk profiles of each and every client.

"We were introduced to David by our lawyers to sort building problems. His building expertise and detailed reporting is simply commendable. He has in depth knowledge about the building industry. His commitment to the project and dedication to resolving issues is highly professional.”

Rajesh Shukla, THL Online