Building Code and CCC/ Certificate of Acceptance Advice

CS&R have the experience to expertly guide you through obtaining Code Compliance Certificate for works that have been completed under a building consent, and for Code of Acceptance (CoA) where works have been completed without a consent.

Ensuring the process of obtaining required project completion certification runs smoothly.

The team at CS&R understand the national and local regulatory code and are able to guide you through obtaining the certificates which are required to legally state the works have been completed to a level which meets the consent or current code.  They can ensure the works have been completed to code, or advise on what remedial action is required to enable smooth lodgement of paperwork to obtain the CCC/ COA.

The Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is a formal statement confirming the local regulatory body (eg Auckland Council) is satisfied all building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent that was issued, and is often required for future insurance and sale purposes. At times requesting a CCC can require Producer Statements (PS) or Records of Building Work (RoW) which the team at CS&R can assist you with. The Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) is where work has been completed on a property which required building consent, but building consent was not obtained beforehand.  Application may require a pre-application meeting where documentation and requirements are discussed.  The team at CS&R can guide you through this process.

"We found it a pleasure to work with David Clifton during the renovation of our house which required a CCC for renovation activity; and also CCC for works completed 18 years ago as a separate project. He was knowledgeable and practical in his approach. He listened to our issues, ideas and budget; and then provided solutions that worked. Our builders enjoyed the experience also – getting timely, quality advice through all stages of the project. We are very pleased with the end result.”

Steve Hassall