Timber Identification and Assessment

CS&R are experienced in timber frame assessments for both the purpose of identification and to uncover issues requiring rectification through remediation.  Correct identification can assist in understanding the scope of requirements for remediation and therefore enable a costing brief.

CS&R provide Building Surveyor timber and cladding inspection services to identify the timber treatment and the cladding types in buildings, and if required we will take timber samples for laboratory analysis. 

Timber treatment and cladding type identification service.

Where there is a need to identify the timber treatment and the cladding types of certain buildings CS&R can conduct an identification service. In line with standard professional practice we will not undertake any calculation or detailed structural review of the framing. In this instance the scope of service is limited to identification of the cladding in buildings. We are not inspecting or reporting on defects or any other building elements and materials. The service will include:

  • Review from the interior timber framing (where exposed for inspection), and identify timber framing treatment where possible.
  • Photographs of timber and cladding for records.
  • Provide letter report with conclusions

Timber Assessment for Remediation.

CS&R can extract a limited number of timber samples from the existing timber framing to ensure it is fit for purpose and durable and therefore can remain in place, or if it needs to be replaced to maintain structural integrity.

These samples are usually taken from timbers that are adjacent to areas of timber that have been damaged due to weathertightness failure.

We provide an assessment report from the laboratory and photographic evidence to provide certainty to owners, contractors and regulatory bodies that the framing left in situ is fit for purpose.

CS&R’s qualifications and experience in this area mean the team know at times brown rot can remove a high proportion of the timbers structural integrity before it is visible to the human eye, while framing that is visibly blackened with mould is not necessarily structurally compromised.

The team at CS&R are happy to assist with your timber assessment needs.

"CS&R provided good and clear advice about the nature of the timber, risks, condition and resulting timber remediation. They provided support and a good level of service to a complex project and allowed the project to maintain momentum during the discovery process. Post the construction works CS&R provided a clear record of work and report for Council to support the CCC process.”

Cameron Evans, CE Construction