Pre-Occupation Schedules of Condition

Preparation of comprehensive photographic and written schedules of condition to accurately record the condition of buildings.

Ensuring the end of a leasing relationship is concluded smoothly and cost effectively.

Schedules of condition can avoid potential disputes between Landlord and Tenant either during, or at the termination of a lease. Often buildings are not new at the start of a lease and therefore already require some form of maintenance or repair.  If there is no comprehensive record of the condition of the premises when the tenancy began the tenant could be up for the costs of rectifying these defects as well as anything that has occurred during the lease.  Likewise, a comprehensive Schedule of Condition can ensure a landlord is in a secure position to protect the value of the asset, and avoid unnecessary legal fees in defending a claim.

CS&R is often asked by legal advisors, leasing agents, landlords and tenants to prepare a comprehensive schedule of condition to accurately record the condition of the property at the time of occupation.  This can then be included in the lease documentation at the start of the lease to facilitate simple and effective negotiation at the end of a lease.  Our services include:

  • Full Building Inspection and Defects Analysis
  • Review of the Lease clauses relating to repair and reinstatement
  • A full Schedule of Condition detailing the condition of all elements of a property
  • Photographs of all elements and defects