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Polestar opens its first showroom in New Zealand

Polestar arriving in New Zealand is an example of how CS&R Project Management can help clients establish new and strong brand presence. The focus for this project was to deliver a high level of finish to the showroom within tight deadlines. CS&R ensured excellence by managing the multi-functional team to delivery. Polestar is a new

Total Property Worx

This appealing Nissan showroom is an example of CS&R’s role of Engineer to Contract, and managing high end construction projects. The sales floor (stage one) is complete, boasting a large, inviting space to grandstand the Nissan brand and cars. The project improved car access and revitalised the building façade. Work on the service areas (stage

Our club is your club

The Ōrewa Surf Club is an example of CS&R’s role of Client Representative in community based projects. CS&R were the Client Representative for the concept design process, undertaking the consultant tenders and assisting with concept design approval and the funding programme management. The project is now entering its second phase with commencement of the detail