Client Representation

Helping clients navigate their way through complex construction or remediation projects to ensure the value of their asset is maximised, and costs are managed effectively. CS&R efficiently guide clients through each step, managing working relationships with all parties involved, from start to finish of the project.

Ensuring the project is completed effectively and efficiently for the client.

Whether it is achieving the perfect residential sanctuary through renovation, or managing a commercial build or reinstatement, these projects are often complex and highly demanding requiring the right balance of in-depth knowledge of the sector they are associated with, together with the ability to understand and translate client requirements and manage risk. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors have a high degree of business acumen partnered with industry knowledge and experience which together allow CS&R to guide clients to the optimal result.

Sustainability and flexibility for future requirements is embedded in our approach to project delivery. Safety, security and bio-vigilance are key considerations. We understand the complexities of working with finite and restricted resource levels and the need to think differently on matters relating to project procurement where supply chain factors affect the ability to perform and deliver.

CS&R have a track record of delivery and ability to perform leading to clients saving significant short and long terms funds.

If you think CS&R can help with your project contact one of the team today to discuss.